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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Very Blessed Mama

Today was my first official Mother's Day!  We had the kids last year - my mom was here and made it special by potting a basil plant  and baking a cake for me - but this year it was official since the kids were adopted in November. 

On Friday Mike took the kids out for a while and gave me a couple glorious hours alone at home with the command to stay seated and relaxed (I was a good wife and submitted). On Saturday he went and found a butcher shop and picked up some amazing steaks, got some extras at the grocery store, and came home and prepared dinner all by himself for me! I am still impressed.

 After dinner the kids brought out presents - they had gone to the mall where Mikey got some beautiful sunglasses for me and the kids picked out a workout t-shirt. They were so excited to give it to me! Then Danny presented a project he had made at school, a little book - here are my two favorite pages:

I love it! I always get a kick out of seeing what my friends' kids make on Mother's Day and when he gave it to me I got so choked up! I have a son who made one for me...God is so kind to give me such a sweet-hearted little guy!

Olivia realized she had nothing to give me so she ran upstairs and brought down her toy ambulance and gave it to me. That was so meaningful because she loves emergency vehicles - she hears far-off sirens and yells out "Fire truck! I hope the people are ok!" and always points out police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances on the road. So in her little world giving her mama her only ambulance was a big deal. I feel so loved!

Every day Michael is very appreciative of me and makes sure the kids are aware of all I do (he's amazing), but this weekend he really celebrated me and I feel SO LOVED! God has blessed me more than I know, as I am finding out more and more. I'm so thankful that He made us a little family, that these two precious little souls have been entrusted to me to raise up, AND that I don't have to do it on my own strength!

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Dave and Andee said...

I love the fact that you got to celebrate Mother's Day for the FIRST time!! Ahhh gives me such happiness, you have no idea! <3 u!