"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the one true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." John 17:3

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Danny Boy

Our son has the goofiest way of smiling for pictures.
He says the funniest things, but not always on purpose.
          "Mom, I think that man is from Mexico because he looks a little Jewish."
When he prays, I am amazed at my God who can do so much in such a young heart.
He sleeps with one of Michael's t-shirts under his head and snuggles up to one of mine:
          "It makes me feel so close to you." 

This is one special little guy God brought along to us. A couple months ago in the middle of breakfast he said, "I think God saved me last night." My heart flip-flopped...up until now when he was asked if he was a Christian he would say, "I don't think so. I just don't know if I believe it." He told me that while he had been laying in bed the night before he was praying...
          "Jesus, my mom and dad say that You're true, and they don't lie. 
          If they say You died for me then I believe it."

And it was that simple! Faith like a child. Begging God to grant our children salvation has been our most frequent topic of prayer - how AWESOME is God to grant that to us so early on!! We are so thankful for God's answered prayers and humbled that He would use us in this kiddo's life. Time will tell if it's genuine...It's been neat to see small changes in him and so refreshing to be able to interact with his as another believer. God has done so many special things in this little life already, I'm excited to see what He does through the years.


V Schultz said...

That is fantastically sweet!! I LOVE this! Praise God! The Danny quotes that you have shared online have just CRACKED me up!!! He is SO funny!!! God is so good to bless you with those two!

Beeker said...

We will be keeping up with your blog!! We love your family and are so thankful for you all. My kids love Daniel and Olivia.

Debbie said...

Francey, You have an aunt who believes in eternal security. I am so grateful to God that Geoff prayed to receive Christ and Aaron (Costello) with me when they were both young. I know Costello is not walking with Him now but he will again. I feel so badly for Moms when their kids are in their teens and twenties and doing what kids those ages do and they have no reassurance! You will have!love to all, Aunt Debbie