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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boy vs. Girl

One reason it's super fun to have a boy and a girl is because we get to see the amazing ways God uniquely creates males and females. There are such differences, and so early on in life!

Mike and I laughed at one together last night. As you know, I've been rocking Olivia before bed and singing to her. I also recently started stroking her face while I rock; just one soft finger drawing little paths all around her sweet little face as I sing to her. She loves it, and every night as we're brushing her teeth she makes sure I'm planning on doing it. She says, "Mom, will you pease do this to me tonight?" and she pokes her stubby little finger around her face.

She's been fighting the flu so for the last couple of nights I've had the huge blessing of rocking her to sleep. Oh...those sweet moments in my life...my heart swells and I praise my loving Father for letting me experience them with her, my daughter! Last night we got all snuggled in her pink crocheted blanket and started rocking, both of us looking at each other and smiling. She just stared into my eyes as I sang. I LOVE watching her...watching her little eyes fighting to stay open but slowly losing the battle against the swaying chair, the soft humming, and mommy stroking her soft face...soon her eyes closed, then opened every so often, looking right up at mine. Oh my, how thankful I am for those moments and that I am her mommy, the very last thing she sees and the very last voice she hears singing of God's love before she falls asleep. We love our time together, my girl and me!

So last night as my heart is swelling, I lay my sleeping beauty down and cover her all snuggly and pink and say "I love you," as I shut the door, even though I know she can't hear me. And I walk down the hall to Danny who is waiting for me to say good night. He is sitting up in bed, all energy, and asks if I will rock him. Of course! He is quite a bit bigger and heavier than tiny Livvi, but we manage to get him on my lap and wrap his big 6-year-old body with his spiderman blanket, and I begin singing the gentle songs I always sing to him. He is looking into my eyes just like Livvi had been and I think to myself that I will stroke my sweet boys face too. He'll love it.

I start at his forehead and he says "Mmm, that feels good!" Then I slowly move down his cheek, and he starts getting a look in his eyes...and by the time I'm down around his chin he is pretending to be a dog, snapping and bouncing and trying to bite my finger. 

And there's the difference between my boy and my girl! I love it! I'm thankful I have a boy who is all boy, along with a tender heart, and a girl who is all girl, along with a love of adventure. My kiddos. :)


Beeker said...

You are soo right. Such a difference between boys and girls...so fun to see a post. Hope Olivia is feeling better...we have coughs over here. Finally got Abs to take a nap this afternoon...its hard to nap when you have a cough! We miss you guys!

Denise said...

Ha! That is hilarious! I wasn't expecting him to bite you!

You are a wonderful mommy. I need to learn from you to slow down and cherish the moments as they come. Miss you girl!

Virginia Schultz said...

That's so great! No biters in this house...haha! :0)